What is the Rector’s Digest?

The Rector’s Digest is my personal check-in, usually posted on Fridays. This allows me to share information I hope you’ll find intriguing, and then you have the weekend to check it out if you’re so inclined. It’s the Rector’s Digest because a digest is a compilation or summary of material or information. Whatever that information may be from week to week, I hope you’ll find something that catches your imagination!
– Fr. Sammy

Latest from the Blog

The One About Fathers

The Rector’s Digest 2022:0428 October 2022Sts. Simon & Jude My father died on the Feast of the Epiphany 2015. He’d been in a veterans’ retirement home in Kosciusko, Mississippi, for some time — suffering from dementia and a body broken down by more than half a century on his feet behind his small-town pharmacist’s counter. I’dContinue reading “The One About Fathers”

The One about Unity

The Rector’s Digest 2022:0327 July 2022William Reed Huntington (d. 1909) This week I’ve been thinking about unity.  On Tuesday, more than 600 bishops from across the worldwide Anglican Communion gathered in Canterbury, England, for the Lambeth Conference to listen and learn from each other. Lambeth doesn’t legislate; it’s considered an “instrument of communion (unity)” for AnglicansContinue reading “The One about Unity”

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