The One About that Podcast | 1 October 2021

Weekend Digest 2021:101 October 2021Remigius of Rheims, Bishop, Apostle of the Franks (530) No doubt about it — 2021 will be remembered as “the year of the Mars Hill podcast.” At least in some of the circles I run in, it seems. Allow me to explain. As I write this, I’m on Mt. Desert IslandContinue reading “The One About that Podcast | 1 October 2021”

The One About Summer’s End | 3 September 2021

Weekend Digest 2021:093 September 2021Phoebe, Deaconess at Cenchreae (1c.) I love almost everything about the end of summer. I’m an “anticipator” (for instance, I dig Christmas Eve more than Christmas, the run-up more than the pay-off, if that makes sense), so I love thinking about all that crisp air and fall foliage out there inContinue reading “The One About Summer’s End | 3 September 2021”

The One About Dandelions | 16 April 2021

Weekend Digest 2021:0816 April 2021Eastertide Feria Happy Easter, St. B’s Family — This was the week the dandelions came back! It’s like one day they weren’t there, the next — bang, there they were. Renee and I watched them pop up almost overnight from our place on the rectory porch. I pray out there when theContinue reading “The One About Dandelions | 16 April 2021”

The One About Leisure | March 12, 2021

Weekend Digest 2021:0712 March 2021St. Gregory the Great, Bishop of Rome (604) Happy Friday, St. B’s — Ok, I’ll admit it. There are some things I’ll actually miss about the pandemic lockdown. Wait — that’s not exactly the right way to say what I mean. I should say the lockdown did create some new horizons of possibility inContinue reading “The One About Leisure | March 12, 2021”

The One About Food | February 26, 2021

Weekend Digest 2021:0626 February 2021 My fellow Lenten pilgrims — I ate lunch at my desk on Wednesday. Right after mass, I had a call with the wardens followed by a Zoom call with diocesan clergy, so I didn’t have time to run up the hill to eat at the Rectory. But that’s actually good forContinue reading “The One About Food | February 26, 2021”

The One About Justice | February 12, 2021

Weekend Digest 2021:0512 February 2021 My dear sisters and brothers —Greetings on this last weekend before Lent!These past few days have been familiar ones for me. By “familiar,” I mean they roll around every two years, and I recognize their approach. In my head, I call them the “Most Dangerous Days of the Year.”Let me explain whatContinue reading “The One About Justice | February 12, 2021”

The One About Friendship | February 5, 2021

Weekend Digest 2021:4February 5The Martyrs of Japan Dear friends — Often I’ll start my missives to you with “Dear family,” but today, I begin differently on purpose. As I type these words, I’m grateful that God brought my own family here to Nashville and St. B’s three years ago, not just to make us family toContinue reading “The One About Friendship | February 5, 2021”

Let’s Move | Jan. 29, 2021

Weekend Digest 2021:3January 29 Happy Friday, everyone! I missed getting to write a Di·gest last week, but that’ll be the case every 3 weeks or so when work backs up and I just don’t have the time. Back on the horse today, though. So, what have I been thinking about this week?  In a word: Movement.  Growing up, myContinue reading “Let’s Move | Jan. 29, 2021”

Unity and Unicorns | Jan. 15, 2021

Weekend Digest 2021:2January 15Paul of Thebes, the First Christian Hermit (d. circa 341) Dear Family — So I’d like to talk about something I find endlessly intriguing, and I hope you don’t find it hopelessly dry! I’ve been thinking about unity and difference this week, for lots of reasons, I suppose. For one, we’re about to enter theContinue reading “Unity and Unicorns | Jan. 15, 2021”

New Year, Same Prayer | Jan 8, 2021

Weekend Digest 2021:1January 8Friday in the Octave of Epiphany Dear St. B’s family — Greetings and Happy New Year!  In this first Digest for 2021, I’d wanted to start on an upbeat note, but like many of you, I was dismayed at the violence at the Capitol this week. Still thinking about it as I typeContinue reading “New Year, Same Prayer | Jan 8, 2021”